Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Mid-argument I stall,
Suddenly weary
Do I care to pierce that hide?
Your pigeon like,globular tone
Of being amply justified.


blinknmiss said...

You can only afford to let it go if you know that their argument is, as you say, pigeon like.

How often do you know?

And even when you do, how often are you convinced?

joey said...

The tone is just something you hear.Whether it is warranted or not you dont know,agreed.

But sheta toh point na.The fact is that the tone implies a contempt for any argument from your side,good or bad.


blinknmiss said...


I don't get this one then. Not really.

It just makes you sound tired is all.

Anushka said...

*complete and utter love*

P.S.- for your poem.

joey said...

*the same*

PS-For you.

(Did I mention I love appreciation in the form of comments.)=)