Friday, December 4, 2009


How many rants have been
washed down the kitchen sink,
And how impervious the clothes
Are to my rage.
I thought.
Why not.

So,to tell
I sat you on my lap.
(Like when I spoon Cerelac
Into your mouth?)
And if nothing
It was heartening
When you knit your little brows together
(Pausing to think?)
Before you said-

P.S-Im getting worried.Noone is getting what I write any longer.If this makes sense,do tell.


Clezevra said...

Oh, I do get this one. and it's nice. Really. Why 'gloop' though? Inventing baby talk is hard.

Anushka said...

I think I get it. But I'm scared to offer explanation.

Kirra Serra said...

Not only does it make sense, I like it too.

joey said...

Thats alright then.

trish said...

But Joey, if it doesn't make sense to everyone, you know that you're truly on the path to greatness.
Elective English taught us that.

blinknmiss said...

It makes absolute sense to me. And the first verse reminds one of Sylvia Plath's life. I thought you were on the verge of introducing a gas oven.

And I understand too. Why must you underestimate your readers' intelligence?

joey said...

Oof.The first three people I showed it to didn't get it.So ektu tension holo that I'm turning into one of those people who write incomprehensible poetry.And considering HOW VERY MANY there are,the thought was kinda depressing.

Anushka said...

Do Stephenians not get poetry?
JAAST kidding :P

Jayatri said...

i understood..
but ur on the way to vagueness joey!...

Prianthi Roy said...

Epic Joey. I understand, and I'm not even Elective English greatness, just plain old science student converted to economics.