Monday, April 27, 2009

Buddy is a handsome dog.His back arched like a bow ,head proudly set,listening.I thought he led a charming life.Rushing after sparrows,reclining on sofas .But primarily I envied him for he has not been socialized.No stupid inhibiting ideas drilled into his noble head.
So trots up and tucks his head into your lap-I want love.
And positively bawls when he’s excluded from some activity or locked out.
Drools when you eat around him –You’re not going to eat all of that yourself ?...
When a guest arrives he goes straight for the crotch.-Wuff Wuff.Nice legs…
And it need not be advertised further that he pleasures himself ,most unashamedly, in public.
So here I was thinking he is the ultimate flower power ,free love, free-spirit.

Then it happened.

A wire was strung across the door and he on the other side.I’d originally locked the door to keep him out but he butted his head against it repeatedly till the glass nearly shattered.So I opened it ,expecting him to come bounding in.But no.Tottering on uncertainty he lifted a paw but retracted hurriedly.Whined some then began barking loudly ,insanely.Like the wire like a sparrow would take fright and fly away.
To be honest at this point I was head scratching confused.Intrigued.For gods sake I had seen the damned dog leaping over a couch then why this wire?
But then he started sniffing it.The entire length-What are you strange thing?
I might have imagined it but I thought I saw him arching back ,preparing to soar past the hurdle but at the last moment he sank back .Then went and sat in a dark corner ,whimpering.
Jayatri arrived then with the bhelpuri and walked in over the wire,without a thought.
“Did you study?Where’s the dog?”
Who now came bounding in ,having watched her cross it once,flooded with relief.

Poor devil.He’s not all that different from the rest of us.

Friday, April 24, 2009

And Always

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
So I climbed a yellow tree
And ate an apple.

My head,nestled,peacefully
On the warm leaves
I looked up, relieved
But two roads diverged in the blue sky…

Monday, April 13, 2009

Foreign Territory

Almost voyeuristic
The way I parted the chintz curtains
And crept into your hearth
To watch you play Snap!
What is Snap?

Something that fair haired children play
Who pat each other on back
And say 'That was very plucky chum.'
Who eat beef cuts and tongue.
What is tongue?

Is it that tongue.
Of Disney love and bubblegum?
How big is Disneyland?

Funny that I should know
Their rivers
And who designed their flag.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've become a walking-addict.

And everyday for hours I go nowhere and back.Buy myself a coke on the way.Chilled coke which you can feel going down your throat in the heat.Sweltering heat may I mention.And I don't even notice much on the way.Its really quite mad.
It happens like this.With a faint buzzing in my head and i wear my shoes and start out.Then the energy of the buzzing in my head.So loud I can almost hear it.Then the energy of my pace.Pulsating heels which begin to hurt.But never mind.
At the end of an hour or two it begins to settle down,a calmer version of the brownian motion sort of thing in my mind.Then I get back.
Am I unhappy?
I remember forrest gump did this when he was deeply unhappy and didn't even know it.
Am I too happy?
Otherwise its hard to explain the strange lightheadedness I feel.
Am I in love with the people on the street?
That's it I think.They who allow a strange creature to race along mid afternoon unquestioningly.No,I get none of the usual attention accorded to women out alone.
Everyone probably thinks I'm a boy.Who cares?
Being a nonentity gives you the greatest freedom.
I enjoy my freedom.