Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The child was looking on with puckered brows at his mother watering the plants. Serious,in his vest and knickers and surnburnt littleness.

The jet of water caught the sun before it broke against leaves.

She glanced back, noticed , and with an impish grin turned the hose on him. Like a startled animal he squawked and ran leaving wet footprints on the ground which simmered and disappeared .I remember dipping my finger into sandalwood paste and drawing such footprints towards our idols on days of pujas.It meant-A god has been here.

But suddenly the game changed.He padded back ,curious, what?she won’t come after me? Another sudden drenching .Giggles.

In retaliation he tore off his clothes.Darting around,now gloriously naked,the water would not leave him be.His mother behind it,relentless and laughing.
What a young mother,I notice.

I will turn off the tap while brushing tomorrow.
Let’s leave some water for others to waste.