Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'd like my life

I'd like my life
To have a tamarind tang,
A sharp hard hitting taste.

I'd like my life
To be apple green
Minty,like the number seven.

I'd like my life
To be pencil heels,
Slim and tapering to a point.

I'd like my life
To be well cut jet
Which glitters as it catches the light.

I learn to live
With this soggy old sock.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Education System Is A Menace

Characters-4 children
The Pied Piper


Nar-Four children have run away from their homes and have followed the Pied Piper into the Promised Land.

C1-How much further is it from here?
PP-Not any.
C2-This is it?
C3-But theres nothing here…
PP-Why ,did you want anything different?
C2-Well..we imagined that the promised land would be more than a …room.(sarcastic)
PP-You can’t blame me ..Ive been peering into your minds everyday to see what it was that you’ll wanted..but there wasn’t anything to go upon.Absolutely nothing.
So I’ve brought you here..to..er..nothing.
C2-Fine but was it very necessary to make us walk for a month to bring us here?
C1-I’m completely worn out.I’ve left everything behind and it was no use…
PP-Now this is just strange..The only concrete instruction I get from you’ll is ‘far away’ and now it seems that you’ll don’t even want that.
And you(looks at C2).I really don’t see why you’re complaining.You said ‘no parents,no school,no history,no maths ,no rules.This ought to be paradise.
C1-But…(is near tears)
PP-Oh my god..dont cry..please…I never know what to do with children who cry..I promise..I’ll give you whateveryou ask for..as long you don’t cry..
C1-Whatever I ask for?Anything in the whole wide world?
PP-Yes!Just ask for it!
C1-Can I have some ice-cream?(hesitantly)
PP-Dear Lord!I try to be a genie and they make me a waiter.(aside)
Here..have your ice cream ..and don’t cry anymore..
C4-(Takes the ice cream and dashes it to the floor )
Don’t give us sops!You cheated us..Can’t imagine why we trusted you..
PP-You know..thats a really good question.I was astonished myself.I said-come away, and you’ll came away,We’ve been walking for a month and no one asked where we were going,no one even suggested where they wanted to go..Such heartwarming faith in me.
You’ll have been really good children….until now.
C1-We thought you would know where to take us…
PP-How will I know what you want?!
C1-Someone always does..
PP-Really?Someone always tells you what you need?What if they’re wrong?
C2-(smirking) Then we blame them!
C3-(angrily)and hate them.
PP-Is that why you’ll ran away?
C3-Yes..but I’m already regretting it.
Chorus-So am I..
PP-You mean you’d like to go back?!
PP-And not be far far away in this magic land?!
PP-Even if I grant you all your wishes?...
PP-Fine, fine.
But why must you’ll always yell in chorus?(annoyed)
PP-Inexplicable you children are..
(everyone glares at him)
PP-But nice. very nice. of course. and since you’ll are sooo nice ..Surely you’ll will bear with this leetle problem..
Chorus-What problem?
PP-(tries to be stern)You Will Have To Stay Here Till The End Of The Day.I’ve already paid today’s fare. No Arguments.
(Everyone nods)
C2-But what do we do till then?
PP-I don’t know..whatever...have fun amongst yourselves.
(They stare balefully at each other for 10 seconds)
(looking helplessly at the PP)This is so boring…
PP-(Sighs, looks at audience) How did you’ll get this way?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Well rounded

Rough edges sandpapered to a sheen
I roll along,directionless.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ran around in circles
and caught a thought by its tail.

The Little People

I collect
casual compliments in a matchbox
And lovingly sun them sometimes.

To cross,
I go under the fence.

If I chance upon pearls of wisdom
I can take home only one.

I hate white light.
I run the world.